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I've been teaching math at Monarch since the second year we've been open. I'm Available for help 1st, 6th periods, tutor time and after school. Please see me to set up a time if you can't see me then. I teach in room C-220 all periods. If I'm not in my room, look in C-203, the math office. I post most notes and handouts on my site as well. I will also be posting most of my lectures on Youtube. Please see the assignments page for each class to get these.

Click Here to go to my Youtube Channel which is "Kleadermath's" channel
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CU Succeed Info --About CU Succeed
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CU Succeed Precalc Syllabus

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Kahn Academy

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Note--There is no (free) on-line book, but there are free practice quizzes and other resources

STATs Trek (Great Website)

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Free Periods: 1 and 6

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